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Location : Trabzon, Turkey
Type : Housing
Area : 300 m²
Team : Ali Önalp, Burak Yardımcı

Villa 61 is located within the boundaries of Kavala Village, which is located about 12 km far from the center of Trabzon with a panoramic view of the Black Sea. The project area is located on a slope covered with short and sparse trees except for the usual Black Sea flora. The project area is a linear plot with 30.0 m slope in between and approximately 120.0 m length and 17.0 m width. The north elevation of the building remains at upper level which is around 4.00 m. than the south elevation.
On the basement level of Villa 61 there is a living room with an open patio along with kitchen and an entrance hall. From the kitchen and living room, it is possible to reach the patio with wooden deck on the floor along the southern elevation and these three spaces are perfectly combined each other which they can be used as a total open space. Meanwhile, there is an atrium above the living room aimed to achieve adequate natural light and air circulation. It is aimed to provide a contrast between the basement and upper floors with natural stone covering along the entrance and emphasizing dramatically. The ground floor is bedroom floor. Rooms on the southern elevation are facing with Black Sea panorama while north-facing rooms overlooking the Mountain view. The first floor, which is the top floor is a winter garden with sliding windows in 3 sides of the place. The use of the space is flexible according to the necessities of the user. It is aimed to create an area with usage possibilities in different climatic conditions.