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Swing İstanbul

Swing İstanbul

Location : İstanbul, Turkey
Type : Interior Design
Area : 300.000 m²
Team : Ali Önalp, Burak Yardımcı

The project involves dancing area, dressing units, wet areas and sitting/living areas in total area of 250 m² which is designed for Swing Istanbul, one of thecountry’s most popular dance groups in recent years, located in Serdar-I Ekrem Street, Galata. Spatial organization of the building because of the purpose of the function to be used is the total space that gives a wide and continuous movement area on the lower floor with wet areas and the upper floor consists of sitting/livingroom, kitchen and dressing room. Due to the nature of the dance and movement, thefurniture is selected with warm and soft materials and on the floor where the usage is the most intense, an appropriate area is created with the use of self-leveling screed, floating floor and laminate flooring.