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Odtu Learning Center

Odtu Learning Center

Location : Ankara, Turkey
Type : Education
Area : 6100 m²
Team : Burak Yardımcı

Contrary to the structures that emerged only by their own identities, the METU has a rare campus settlement consisting of remarkable parts in a well-functioning holistic system. The main principle for the student center building and the square, which will be located in the center of the campus area, in which most of the striking architectural buildings are located, is to create a design concept that can be combined with other distinctive space sequences that can be a part of this integrity.
In the challenge plan created by the philosophy of the main approach mentioned above, the pedestrian approaches to which we can already see the traces are strengthened. In total, 3 main axes are associated with the planned METU Square and student center building. The sitting area, which is fed with 3 main axes, has been converted into an intermediate section which is used full-day with hard and soft landscape arrangements and between education areas and living areas.