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Dusseldorf Office Building

Dusseldorf Office Building

Konum : Dusseldorf, Germany
Tür : Commercial&Offices
Alan : 32000 m²
Takım : Ali Önalp, Burak Yardımcı, Halil İbrahim Bayındır

Targeted public use functions in the project area located in the periphery of Düsseldorf Airport

It is to create a ground floor setup enriched with a ground floor and office structures on this ground floor.

Considering the changing “working space” setups, especially after the corona-virus epidemic, the floor plans were enriched with terracing and outdoor areas that will reduce the need for mechanical ventilation in the offices and highlight natural ventilation and lighting.

In the settlement plan consisting of 3 different blocks, a common open courtyard was designed in the middle area and it was aimed to enrich this common area with landscape elements. While the façade characteristics of the 3 office blocks positioned around the courtyard are handled similarly, the façade colors are handled with the theme of “night, day and sunset”, inspired by the different color weave formed in the sky according to the different positions of the sun during the day.