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Burçak Coffee House

Burçak Coffee House

Location : İstanbul, Turkey
Type : Interior Design
Area : 325 m²
Team : Ali Önalp, Burak Yardımcı

The project was put into practice in a region of Istanbul Tuzla, which is located on streets of the coastal road, where intersection of the coastal walkway and residential areas and where there is intense human circulation. Burçak Coffeehouse is blinking through its menu, but in contrast to highly standardised 3rd wave coffee shops gray – black color, colorless and lifeless spaces, it differs from other coffee makers with its warm tones and abundant colorful atmosphere. The project area is used in a semi-idle building as the ground floor and building entrance of the detached building where it was built before the present use. Maintenance-free garden and pool, inadequate wet space and kitchen areas on the ground floor were completely overhauled, where semi-open and closed spaces were created where necessary, and different spaces were created in the interior by separators.