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Bodrum Cultural Center

Bodrum Cultural Center

Location : Muğla, Turkey
Type : Culture
Area : 16.000 m²
Team : Burak Yardımcı, Emir Uras (in collaboration with Urastudio)

The project was brought to the agenda by the employer of Bodrum Municipality, with the initiative of creating an alternative center for the socio-cultural dominance of İzmir in the region. The program, which consists of commercial and cultural areas, is fed by social centers and large gathering areas. White is the dominant color of the city center and the existing building stock, and the windy climate of Bodrum, which does not make life difficult, is the main elements of the project. The structures in the project resemble white pebbles, especially in the layout plan, which are smooth with the wind and have soft lines without edges. These four “stones” consist of museums, exhibition halls, offices and a conference center.