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Beyoğlu Sport Center

Beyoğlu Sport Center

Location : İstanbul, Turkey
Type : Sport Center
Area : 1.750 m²
Team : Ali Önalp, Burak Yardımcı, Burak Koç, Hüseyin Kadıoğlu

The project area is located in Beyoğlu, one of the most densely populated districts in Istanbul.
The aim of the project is to reconsider the existing football pitch areas with different usage and management offices. Especially the road tunnel leading from the lower projection of the project area and the retaining walls resulting from this tunnel are the most problematic points. In this context, the main aim of the project was to create a recreation area that is open to the common use of environmental housing residents and to live these recreation areas together with the fields at different levels.
In this context, the positions of the football fields were reconsidered and these sites were connected by the terraces and walk ramps. Again, the upper and the lower levels were connected by the circulation inside the management office structure.ı.