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Adana City Stadium Transformation

Adana City Stadium Transformation

Location : Adana, Turkey
Type : Urban Planning
Area : 150.000 m²
Team : Aslı İngenç, Burak Yardımcı, Handan Yalkı

Competition site is located at the center of the city of Adana which is in the south of Turkey and popular with its temperate climate and outdoor life. It has characteristic town center features as being so close to the central parks, sport facilities and historical city quarter. Only blockade that disconnects the plot and its neighborhood is football stadium walls that covers the four edges of the area. Our approach was to create not only well-designed central park, but also well connected, open, human scaled city structure for all city center. For to reach that aim, we create an urban carpet idea that behaves like a city path. That city path is a red pavement texture that contains the information surface about city, interactive surfaces, green zones, cycling roads and public transportation routes. That carpet takes you from the different parts of the city center and directs you to the design area. It shapes the area by becoming promenade and breaking the ground and creating the buildings and the functional areas by its movements.