WE’re organised in 2013 for the search of catching an in­novative and progressive way of thinking and mentality in architecture and urbanism with collaborative design practices.

WE’re inspired by all the design disciplines containing mul­tiple scales with the same motivation and always searching for self-challenging processes with the aim of thinking “the new” and “the unique”. That makes the operations in the studio always transparent, collaborative processes rather than a strick hierarchical structure.

WE’re thinking that architecture, urbanism and all design disciplines have to be rethought not only with their self dynamics, but also with other social, positive and human sciences.


WE’re Team

Ali Önalp, C0-Founder, 

Ali is an architect from Istanbul. He got his B.Arch degree from Istanbul Technical University. He is cycling and reading hiking books when he is not in office. His dream is to see the whale alive.

Burak Yardımcı, C0-Founder, 

Burak is an architect from Istanbul. He got his B.Arch and M.Arch degree from  Istanbul Technical University. Besides from working, all he wants is to travel around the world and take photos.

Özgür Koç, Project Partner, 

Özgür is an architect from Istanbul. He got his B.Arch degree from  Yıldız Technical University. All he wants is to immediately finish up work  and hang out.

Burak Koç, Architect, 

Burak is an architect from Fatsa. He graduated from Yıldız Technical University in 2014. Recently, he is studying M.Arch at Istanbul Technical University. Exploring streets of Istanbul is one of his favorites.

Yüksel Çoban, Architect, 

Yüksel is an architect from Izmir. She got his B.Arch degree from  Namık Kemal University. She is definetly beach girl and swims often.