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19 Ocak 2016
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21 Ocak 2016


Emirgan Primary School

The design need came from the two benefactors who want to build a cheap-cost primary school for government.

The plot of the project is located on the corner of the silent street, forested and has high slope. Program is creating a small scale primary school with open air playgrounds and easy-use spaces for children. For creating the building shape, virtual working idea is created. Unlike the common working style, we try to read the virtual slope lines and transfer them to the 3d. We handled these 2d to 3d converted slope lines as the borders of the building floors by accepting the regular floor heights. The lines that created the shape of the building first used as the lanscape stairs tha transfered to the facade as the strips of material and than turn to stairs again. By creating open air terraces front of the facades and anfi-theatre roof foor, we try to extend playground area to each floors as possible as its.